The Baldridge Properties Tenant Representation Process | Commercial Real Estate

The Baldridge Properties Tenant Representation Process

Understanding & Evaluation of Target Goals

To successfully procure the optimum commercial space for our tenants, establishing target goals are a critical key. That is why our first step in the tenant representation process always involves taking the time to understand the full scope of your needs. Together, we determine the following:

  • Location Requirements
  • Budget Constraints
  • Size Necessities
  • Growth Expectations
  • Design & Layout
  • Timeline Restraints

Doing Our Research

Once we understand the multifaceted components of your commercial property needs, we apply a series of analysis techniques to determine a selection of options. For example, we apply Void Analysis to study the local markets and discover your best opportunities for business success.

After reviewing our suggestions, we can initiate the requests for proposals. Additionally, as Commercial Property Owners in key high traffic areas, we are able to offer development and acquisition opportunities beyond what may currently be available in terms of both location and your pricing limitations.

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Working with all Parties to Achieve the Best Arrangement for All Involved

We believe in developing institutional retail locations positioned on high profile sites. Achieving this is based on creating ongoing and outstanding relationships with first-class tenants. We know that strong relationships are cultivated when trust is built throughout every stage of the tenant representation process. Which is why we stand by our clients from start to finish.

Our tenants count on us for integrity, transparency, knowledge, and experience. Our significant capital resources, ability to react quickly, and our sound reputation give us a competitive advantage. We work diligently with all parties to achieve a successful negotiation for all sides involved.

Ongoing Relationship Building

As we continue to grow, we are always mindful of the relationships that make our growth possible. Which is why we stay in touch with our tenants, keeping them at the forefront of emerging opportunities.

Tenant Representation with Baldridge Properties

Baldridge Properties is a national commercial development & leasing company and brokerage firm. Our local and global market knowledge combined with a depth of experience and diversity within the industry can advise you to achieve maximum value. Additionally, we have the capital to purchase sites and offer build to suits as a tenant rep. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and learn more about the advantages of tenant representation.

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